Rand Paul to vote 'no' on Trump attorney general nominee William Barr

Sen. Rand Paul said Monday he will vote against confirming William P. Barr for attorney general, making him the first Republican to oppose President Trump’s nominee.

Mr. Paul, Kentucky, revealed his vote in an interview with Politico.

“I’m a no,” he told the publication. “He’s been the chief advocate for warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens. I think that the Fourth Amendment should protect your phone calls and bank information. People shouldn’t be allowed to look at it without a warrant.”

Mr. Paul’s decision does not come as a surprise. In December, he told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Mr. Barr’s support of the Patriot Act was “very, very troubling.”

Also, Campaign for Liberty, a conservative activist group founded by his father, former Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican, had railed against Mr. Barr’s nomination.
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