Pelosi Demanded Better Trade Deals -- But Ignores USMCA

Better trade deals and an equal playing field for American workers was a bipartisan issue that helped propel Donald J. Trump to victory in 2016. Americans from both parties recognized the failures of job-killing trade agreements like NAFTA and opposed the poorly negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Among them was the Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi.

“It all comes back to: Does this make a bigger paycheck for the American worker?” Pelosi said in 2015. “NAFTA did not, and our experience is not good.”

It used to be all about “bigger paychecks” for the current speaker of the House. But that was one month before Donald Trump launched his historic campaign that spoke directly to the forgotten men and women of America who had been left behind by trade deals. 

We now have a better trade agreement for American workers. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, will only make the best economy in modern American history stronger. 
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