Parler CEO George Farmer: Big Tech's COVID censorship – it's so much worse than we thought

Over the past year, examples of Big Tech censorship have multiplied, particularly around the topic of COVID-19. Questioning the wisdom of forcing children to wear masks, or even sharing news articles that challenged social distancing rules were enough to engage the social media giants’ censors. Facebook, Twitter, and others flagged posts, blocked certain content, and even banned some users for daring to question the established positions.

What has become apparent only in the last few weeks, however, is the involvement of the Biden White House in calling the shots on Big Tech’s COVID censorship. The White House has now admitted to monitoring private citizens’ Facebook pages, and asking Facebook to block content it finds objectionable. 

Silencing debate, keeping tabs on private citizens, and creating lists of individuals who dare to disagree with the government? These tactics are better left to totalitarian regimes.
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