New Study Suggests Playing With Dolls Proves A Boy Is Transgender

A new report published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reported by NBC News, finds children with gender dysphoria prefer activities and objects that are stereotypical of the opposite sex.

“These findings suggest that children might not be simply learning about gender based on what their parents tell them about their own gender or how they treat them early on (which would be about the gender associated with their assigned sex),” the report says. Instead, the report implies, gender dysphoric children’s sense of being the opposite sex arises early and thus seems to be innate.

The study’s author noted, “There is almost no difference between these trans- and cisgender [non-transgender] kids of the same gender identity — both in how, and the extent to which, they identify with their gender or express that gender.”

To conduct this research, the team traveled to families in Canada and the United States for interviews that lasted about one hour. The study interviewed 317 transgender children aged 3 to 12, 316 children of the same age-range who accept their biological sex, plus 189 of the transgender children’s siblings. All of the children comfortable with their sex lived in the Seattle area and were interviewed with the same questions.
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