Megyn Kelly Rips Gun Control Advocates After Nashville Shooting

Former Fox News anchor and current podcast host Megyn Kelly, who has a nine-year-old child of her own, fired back at calls from gun control advocates after the Nashville school shooting in which three nine-year-olds were murdered.

A 28-year-old woman who identified as a transgender man murdered three students and three adults on Monday at The Covenant School.

President Biden used the incident to further his calls for gun control as well as criticizing Republicans, snapping, “Those children should all be with us still. … Everybody thinks somehow the Second Amendment is absolute! You’re not allowed to go out and own an automatic weapon. You’re not allowed to own a machine gun. You’re not allowed to own a flamethrower. You’re not allowed to own so many other things. Why in God’s name do we allow these weapons in our streets and at our schools? … I want you to know who isn’t doing it [supporting gun control], who isn’t helping, to put pressure on them.”

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