Maine Lawmakers Consider Abolishing Concealed Permit Requirement

On April 8, Maine lawmakers will hold a public hearing on state senator Eric Brakey’s (R-Auburn) bill–LD 652–to abolish a concealed carry permit requirement in the state.

The hearing on Brakey’s bill takes place less than a week from the day Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) signed legislation abolishing the concealed carry permit requirement in his state.

Bretibart News previously reported that Brakey said his proposal will do away with inconsistencies whereby Maine allows Open Carry without a permit, but requires someone carrying openly to have a permit if their jacket covers their gun. Brakey said his bill is a way of telling Maine residents that lawmakers are “not going to treat you like a criminal if you put a jacket on.”

If Brakey’s bill passes and is signed into law, Maine would join Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Vermont, and Wyoming in abolishing concealed carry permit requirements in their states. They would also join Montana, which only requires a concealed carry permit inside city limits.

Gun Owners Of Maine is asking gun owners to make plans to attend the public hearing for Brakey’s bill on April 8 in the State House in Augusta, Room 436, at 1 pm.
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