Kangaroo Courts

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

The article here is pretty “tall cotton,” as they say down south.

It involves some fairly complex legal issues…

But the conclusion it draws is starkly simple – and right on target:

America is now in the hands of radically leftwing, bigoted, biased judges…

Whose Kangaroo Courts are nothing more than Stalinesque Show Trials to prosecute – and persecute – any and all who dare to stand by Donald Trump and oppose the fascist Biden regime. 

I know that sounds a trifle extreme, doesn’t it?

But think back for a minute to the sham New York trial that just convicted President Trump on 34 bogus counts.

It was run by a Colombian judge who used Colombian court proceedings to direct a typically predictable prefabricated Colombian-type court decision.

As you will see in the article below, the leftwing judge in the Eastman trial used the same fascist techniques.

And it is happening time and again all over the country.

If a Trump supporter’s case is on the docket, the sham trial is pre-scripted and the outcome is foreordained. 

Please read the excellent column – 

And then, as a Constitutional Rights PAC grassroots leader, please spread the word to family, friends, and neighbors!

Kangaroo by Ondrej Machart is licensed under unsplash.com
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