Jury Nullification – The Second Amendment’s Last Stand

For those that might not know, Jury Nullification (JN) is the public’s last chance to stand up against the beast that is government and say “NO!” JN allows those sitting in the jury box to vote a suspect “innocent” when the letter of the law says he is guilty. JN allows those making the decision in a case to make the statement that “This law is unconstitutional, its a bad law and we won’t be a party to it!” JN tells legislators that they got it wrong.

Jury Nullification is a powerful tool that is described in the Constitution. Although Judges won’t tell you about JN during instructions, going so far as to tell you that you must put emotion aside and vote as the law allows, this just isn’t true!

Lets contemplate what would happen if Connecticut went ahead and arrested 50,000 (some say as many as 350,000) citizens for non-compliance of gun registration. Now, what would happen in that State should one person on each of those juries voted “not guilty?”

First, no one would be convicted. Second, sooner or later District Attorneys would realize their only accomplishment is spending the States money in a losing effort. Third, Legislators would know the harsh truth of an unconstitutional law.

And all it takes is one person. One person to stand strong in defense of a like minded individual who is doing his part on the other side of the jury box – for himself and for the good of this Country.

Be that person.

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