Ivankacare? Trump faces conservative opposition to family leave program pushed by his daughter

President Trump’s call during his State of the Union address for nationwide family leave led to applause from lawmakers and even a holler from one Republican, but conservative groups are sitting on their hands, fearing the president is about to create a new entitlement program that could quickly expand.

“The biggest concern is the potential explosion of the program over time, and then having a federal program be the one source that everyone has to go to would not serve workers well,” Heritage Foundation research fellow Rachel Greszler told the Washington Examiner. “They would be far better off having a more tailored policy through their employer.”

When Trump addressed a joint session of Congress on Tuesday for his State of the Union address, he touted the paid leave proposal outlined in his 2019 budget blueprint.

“I am also proud to be the first president to include a plan for nationwide paid family leave so that every parent has the chance to bond with their newborn child,” Trump last week.

The president's budget proposal called for six weeks of paid family leave to new mothers and fathers. Though the blueprint didn’t go into specifics, the White House said the unemployment insurance system would be used as a “base” and give states the authority to establish paid leave programs that fit their workforce and economies.
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