Stop playing footsie with Janet Yellen, and start defending the US border!!!

I want you to read the lead paragraphs of the New York Post story below –

And then get ready for your blood to boil!

The corrupt and inept Biden regime has already thrown open our southern border to more than 2,000,000 million illegal alien invaders in the past two years.

And now, they want to pen the floodgates even further by handing out “Instant Asylum Mobile Apps” throughout all of Central America!

How’s that for deliberately destroying the very fabric of our national sovereignty?

Go ahead, read the article…

And then, I am going to tell you something that – believe it or not -- makes it even worse.

So, brace yourself!
First migrants [illegal aliens] cross into US from Mexico using mobile app
NY Post ^ | 01/19/2023
CIUDAD JUAREZ/MEXICO CITY – Migrants on Mexico’s northern border on Wednesday began entering the United States using a mobile app designed to facilitate the process of applying for asylum, although several quickly reported difficulties in using the system.

This month, the Biden administration said it would broaden use of the so-called CBP One app to allow asylum seekers to enter their personal information as a pre-screening step for a U.S. appointment to request asylum.
“I’m really excited, I can’t wait to see my family,” said Alejandra, a Venezuelan migrant who entered El Paso, Texas from the border city of Ciudad Juarez, headed for Florida.

Giovanny Castellanos, another Venezuelan who has been waiting on the Mexican border for months to enter the United States, said he got an appointment quickly.
That’s pretty appalling, isn’t it?

The Biden regime is not going to be satisfied until every damn (excuse my French) Illegal alien south of the border has invaded our shores, ripped off our tax dollars – and driven you out of house and home!

And what is the newly elected Republican House of Representatives doing about it?

Well, again, brace yourself –

Because the answer is:

Absolutely nothing!!!

Let me be clear:

The job of the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship – now fully in Republican hands – to oversee immigration and defend our national sovereignty.

So, how are the newly empowered Subcommittee Republicans responding to the deepening crisis on our southern border?

More specifically, how is Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Thomas Miller McClintock II (R-CA) leading the fight to protect our border -- when it is under massive assault from the Biden invasion?

Well, here -- from Chairman McClintock’s own website -- is a list of what he considers his top priorities for saving an America under siege…

And you tell me if you see one single word – one jot, tittle, or iota – about defending our border from the illegal alien invasion.

You tell me.

Rep. McClintock Introduces Six Bills at the Start of the 118th Congress

January 12, 2023 Press Release

California Congressman Tom McClintock (CA-05) introduced several bills at the start of the 118th Congress.
H.J. Res. 9 – Balanced Budget Amendment
“Before we can provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare we have to be able to pay for it, and our massive debt directly threatens our ability to do so,” said Rep. McClintock. “History warns us that nations that bankrupt themselves aren’t around very long.”

“Instead of trying to define fiscal years, outlays, expenditures, revenues, emergencies, triggers, sequestrations and on and on, I hope we would consider 27 simple words: ‘The United States government may not increase its debt except for a specific purpose by law adopted by three-fourths of the membership of both Houses of Congress.’”

H.J. Res. 10 – Line Item Veto Constitutional Amendment
“H.J. Res. 10 presents us with a simple question: ‘Is it possible – just possible – that from time to time Congress has passed a spending bill or two that ought to have had greater scrutiny?’ The answer to this question might elude some members of the House, but I assure them it is self-evident to everybody else,” McClintock said.

H.J. Res. 10 proposes a very simple constitutional amendment which authorizes the President to reduce an appropriation in a bill, subject to congressional override.

From 1801 until 1974, the President had the recognized authority to impound excess spending indefinitely – a legitimate executive function first asserted by President Thomas Jefferson. The Budget Act of 1974 stripped the executive of this vital check on Congressional excess.

H.R. 186 – Water Supply Permitting Coordination Act
“Droughts are nature’s fault. Water shortages are OUR fault. Water shortages are a choice we made a generation ago when we stopped building new reservoirs to meet the needs of a growing population,” McClintock said. “The unvarnished truth is that we will not solve our water shortages until we build new reservoirs. And we cannot build new reservoirs until we overhaul the laws that have made their construction endlessly time consuming and ultimately cost prohibitive.”

H.R. 186 will bring order from bureaucratic chaos. It establishes a framework in which federal agencies with permitting responsibilities for the construction of new reservoirs must work together, coordinate schedules, share data and technical materials and make findings publicly available.  The end result will be fewer delays, more efficient use of taxpayer dollars and ultimately more abundant water supplies.

H.R. 187 – Default Prevention Act
H.R. 187 guarantees the sovereign debt of the United States Government by authorizing the Treasury Secretary to continue to borrow to pay interest and principal due on the debt, even in the event of an impasse concerning the debt limit.   

“If credit markets doubt that their loans to the federal government will be repaid in full and on time, we could suffer an interest rate spike that could sink our nation in a sea of red ink,” said Rep. McClintock. “This bill is an absolute guarantee that the sovereign debt of the United States is solid and will be honored. The full faith and credit of the United States should not hang in the balance every time there’s a fiscal debate in Washington.”

H.R. 188 – Proven Forest Management Act
“Excess timber comes out of the forest in only two ways – it is either carried out or it burns out.  For most of the 20th Century, we carried it out,” McClintock said.

“Beginning in the 1970s, we began imposing environmental laws that have made the management of our lands all but impossible. Draconian restrictions on logging, grazing, prescribed burns and herbicide use on public lands have made modern land management endlessly time consuming and ultimately cost prohibitive.”

H.R. 188 expands throughout the entire National Forest System the categorical exclusion for forest management projects that was secured for the Tahoe Basin in the 2016 WINN Act. 

When we granted a categorical exclusion from NEPA to our Tahoe Basin foresters, these provisions for the Tahoe Basin expedited the clearance of excess timber, were instrumental in slowing the Caldor fire, and need to be applied nationally. 

H.R. 189 – Action Versus No Action Act
The Action Versus No Action Act requires federal land management agencies to evaluate forest management activity and the alternative of no action.

The Act will ensure that forest management projects are not bogged down by the burdensome NEPA process, and that federal agencies consider the devastating impact that a lack of management would have on the health of a forest, potential for wildfires, and potential loss of life and property.
“The choice is ours: we can restore proper scientific management of our forests or continue to watch them tragically burn,” said Rep. McClintock.

So, let’s see now…

Immigration Subcommittee Chairman McClintock (who I am sure is a good guy – but that’s not the point) seems to have plenty of time to manage land, worry about waterways, and authorize the Treasury Secretary to further run up the federal debt –

But he and his Republican colleagues on the House Subcommittee on IMMIGRATION just don’t have the time – or, apparently, the interest – to stop the Biden illegal alien invasion and defend our border!

I’m sorry, but I just don’t happen to think that’s good enough.

And I don’t think you do either.

It’s time for the members of Congress to stop focusing on everything else under the sun – including trees, seas, and further padding the pockets of the recklessly rapacious Janet Yellen – and get down to the business of doing the one job that matters most:

Defending our country’s southern border – before we no longer have any country left to defend!

So, here is what I think we need to do now – to light a fire under the politicians’ feet:
  1. Your Constitutional Rights PAC Hill rep is going to personally call on Chairman McClintock and politely, but firmly, ask him when, exactly, he and his committee intend to step up to the plate and defend our borders (and, yes, perhaps, move to impeach corrupt DHS Secretary Mayorkas while they’re at it!); and
  2. Your Constitutional Rights PAC is asking you to call Chairman McCaul’s office and – again, politely, but firmly – ask him the selfsame questions. His House office number is 202-225-2511. And if you get on a roll, his California office number is 916-786-5560.
Let’s tell Chairman McClintock and his Republican colleagues that the time has come to worry far less about land management, reservoirs, and playing footsie with Ms. Yellen (perhaps important, but hardly emergencies)…

And worry a whole heck of a lot more about keeping US President Joe Biden’s illegal alien invaders well south of the US border –

--  no matter how many fun new apps they are provided at US taxpayer expense!

Let’s do this thing!!!

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