From 'universal' income to Green New Deal, 15 far-out ideas from the 2020 Democratic field

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  • Source: Fox News
  • 07/31/2020
Court packing? Reparations? Abolishing the Electoral College?

To all these questions and more, the response from 2020 Democratic presidential candidates is increasingly: Sure, let's talk about it.

For a Democratic presidential field shaping up to be the most liberal grouping of candidates in modern American history, it appears no idea is too far-reaching to at least consider. Some, like the Green New Deal, have become virtual litmus tests for the base that have been widely embraced by the field, while others are just starting to catch on.

At this early stage in the race, here are 15 of the most controversial ideas being pushed or considered by the 2020 Democratic roster.

Throw out the Electoral College

Stinging from an unexpected defeat in 2016, Democrats have cited the fact that Hillary Clinton won a plurality of the popular vote to revive calls to eliminate the Electoral College. Perhaps concerned about their own chances in swing states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, 2020 hopefuls claim there's much wisdom to these calls.
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