Free-speech lawsuits pile up as cities put brakes on conservative street messages

Scott LoBaido has a message for the New York City officials who told him to remove the bright blue line he painted on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island: See you in court.

Mr. LoBaido said Monday he will pursue legal action after the New York City Department of Transportation ordered him to remove his handiwork. He insists his pro-police message has every bit as much right to adorn the streets as the Black Lives Matter murals embraced by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“As an artist, I think it’s beautiful work, but [Mr. de Blasio] did not have a permit to do his street art, and that obviously means that I do not need a permit to do mine. Why should he get a pass and not me?” Mr. LoBaido said. “Obviously, they singled out me because I’m a conservative-leaning artist and I do support my military and the men and women in blue uniform.”

Like Mr. LoBaido, conservatives seeking to paint pro-police, pro-life and other right-tilting messages on America’s streets are running into speed bumps from local officials, even those who allow massive Black Lives Matter murals.
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