Father enabled suspect in July 4 massacre to buy guns after police flagged him as 'clear and present danger'

The suspect in the July 4 massacre in Highland Park, Ill. was able to purchase firearms despite having been flagged as a "clear and present danger" by police in 2019. This came after police were called to the shooter's family's home.

"In September 2019, ISP received a Clear and Present Danger report on the subject from the Highland Park Police Department. The report was related to threats the subject made against his family," Illinois State Police said in a statement.

September 2019 saw police attend the Crimo home and asked the suspect if he was interested in harming himself. He said no, and the officers took his collection of knives. Later, the suspect's father Bob Crimo, said that the knives were his and they were returned to the home.

At the time, no arrests were made, and the family was "not willing to move forward on a complaint," nor did they "provide information on threats of mental health that would have allowed law enforcement to take additional action." A Firearms Restraining Order was not filed, "nor any order of protection."
Gun by iStrfry , Marcus is licensed under unsplash.com
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