Emails: Fauci ‘massively flipped and flopped and flipped’

While the White House and the media have defended the sometimes confusing messages in Dr. Anthony Fauci’s newly released emails, a key analyst said the writings reveal a “most complete misunderstanding” of how COVID-19 spread and constant flip-flopping by the coronavirus czar.

Economic analyst Phil Kerpen, who shifted focus to the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year, said the emails showed that Fauci's public comments often clashed with his private words.

And, he added, the emails also strongly suggest that the virus was not natural but man-made in a Wuhan, China, lab, though likely released accidentally and not as a bioweapon.

“He’s massively flipped and flopped and flipped on everything,” said Kerpen, the president of the conservative group American Commitment and an anti-tax leader.
Anthony Fauci by Andrea Hanks is licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0
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