Donald Trump and America’s Destiny

  • 02/14/2016 12:00 AM
  • Nelson Hultberg
Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have now established themselves as the favorites to lead the Republican Party to the promised land. But Trump is “old money” while Ted Cruz is “nouveau riche.” This is extremely important. Judgment, strength of personality, and vision are all affected by the vintage of one’s familiarity with power. Trump has operated extensively in this realm, hobnobbing with the biggest and most ruthless of the world’s mavens in both enterprise and politics.
Ted Cruz is a whiz-kid graduate from Harvard Law School in 1995 with a very brainy reputation. Trump is a graduate from the Wharton School of Business in 1968 and likewise highly intelligent. Thus a lot of years and life experience separates them. Trump is a wizened pro in the game of power, having played in this field the world around for decades. Ted Cruz is a rookie in the game. This will greatly affect what policies are promoted, and how resolutely and skillfully those policies are pursued.
Strength of Personality
A vibrant and cogent mind is obviously an essential requirement to be president. But there is something even more important especially in today’s warped world of social and political upheaval, and that is “strength of personality.” This is what is needed if a president is going to stand up to the despotic CFR elites behind the scene and defy their ambitions to push America further toward an Orwellian mega-state. It is what is needed if he is going to challenge their perfidy regarding immigration and open borders. It is what is needed if he is going to stand toe to toe with the world’s leaders and be the intimidator rather than the intimidated. In this regard, no one matches Donald Trump. The man does not back down. Period.
Can Ted Cruz match this kind of strength? Very doubtful. Of course, it is impossible to know ahead of time what kind of strength a man possesses inside him that will allow him to successfully play the power game that all presidents must play. So we cannot be certain how Ted Cruz would fare in this game. He’s never had to play it in his life so far. But The Donald has, and he has shown himself to be a huge winner. Thus we have a pro at the game in Trump, where we would be electing a neophyte in Cruz.
What’s more, Trump’s patriotism is as rock solid as Ronald Reagan’s was. Sure, his eloquence does not match the Gipper’s, also he’s not smooth in the debate forum, and he lacks the amiable persona of Reagan. But where is there any political leader in our day who can lay claim to matching Reagan in those regards? That kind of man comes along about once every century, and it will be a while of a wait before we are blessed again. The key is that Trump sees America as Reagan did, as a nation of greatness that derives from freedom.
Also like Reagan, Trump knows that America must be preserved in face of ominous forces that are trying to alter our system via the ideology of collectivism. As much as liberals hate to recognize it, America was forged and built on “rugged individualism.” We are not like Europe’s collectivized cultures. We are unique in the history of the world. Europe never grasped the concept of individualism that America’s Founders created in 1776. They were monarchies then, and they readily adopted Marxian ideology in the 19th century to become, by the 1880s with Germany’s Bismarck, massive social welfare states. Our concept of freedom is alien to Europeans.
We are a nation of rugged individualists who value self-reliance, and Donald Trump is one of the great examples of that quality. Thus he respects it, and wants it to be restored to America. This is what he means when he says he wants to “make America great again.” He wants to restore a nation of individualists. Equally as important he wants to restore America’s sovereignty, while Hillary Clinton clearly wants to continue our march to collectivism and a New World Order.
The restoration of America’s sovereignty will naturally require a strong military. This, Trump realizes as do all GOP candidates. But please note Trump’s antagonism to the “nation building” that animated the Bush administration. Trump saw the insanity of going into Iraq and trying to convert them into a democracy. This tells us that Trump wants to carry a big stick, but to walk softly. This is the foreign policy of the Founders, a policy to protect our security and survival, but not engage in the irrational pursuit of Mideast and even world hegemony that neoconservatives like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle have pushed America into.
Making America Great Again
Trump realizes what all intelligent businessmen realize: we are first and foremost a free-market country and we cannot be a “great nation” again until that free-market is restored. This, Obama and Hillary do not accept because they have been taught to hate capitalism by Marxist mentors in their youth. Thus Trump’s tax plan is to open up the opportunity for enterprise that once prevailed in America by lowering tax rates significantly across the board and inducing the trillions in American capital overseas to return. This writer would prefer a flat tax rather than the graduated rates of Trump’s plan, but hopefully that vision will come in a second Trump administration. Freedom and sanity must be restored in steps. The first job is to get elected so one can start taking the steps.
What is so exhilarating to us in the freedom movement today is that the liberal-neocon establishment is in full panic mode. These traitors to freedom realize that Trump is not a man to be taken lightly, and they are horrified. They know he will destroy their plans for a collectivist mega-state. Thus the long knives have come out to try and bring Trump down. Witness the media pundits’ barely disguised virulence in evaluating the Trump campaign – for example writers like Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard and Rich Lowry of National Review. Expect a wave of vicious smear tactics to come forth from the GOP establishment and its media lackeys over the next few months. And if Trump emerges from Super Tuesday on March 1st with a commanding lead over establishment choices, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, then we will see a frightful desperation set in among the elitist crowd of bankers and pundits behind the Republican Party.
When desperation sets into one’s mind, irrational actions almost always take place. Some GOP honchos might even shift to supporting Hillary, for she is a pol who can be manipulated. She would suck up to the CFR. She would install her slimy husband as chief advisor. She would grant amnesty to the illegals and continue the egregious welfare state privileges to Wall Street. She would maintain a hegemonic foreign policy. She would cater to the lobbyists who converge on Washington like vermin to the gristmill. She would worship the environmentalists and appease Big Pharma, the National Education Association, the Bar Association, the IRS, the BLS – all of whom are locked into treason to liberty and the Constitution. Hillary would appease them all.
Few dispute that we have entered today a watershed era of American history. Monumental choices swirl around us. Profound changes are mandatory and will be forthcoming. A Trump presidency would dramatically point such changes in the right direction. The nefarious elites destroying our country would have a defiant adversary rather than a compliant partner in the White House.
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