Democrats Want To Give Illegal Aliens $80 Billion In Handouts In Reconciliation Bill

Democrats want to give illegal aliens $80 billion in handouts through the Child Tax Credit provision included in the massive reconciliation bill that is currently under consideration by Congress.

While Democrats, progressives, and Republicans are still fighting over whether they will pass the expensive social policy bill that grants the administration’s leftist agenda trillions of dollars, an analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies found that illegal aliens in the United States will get $8.2 billion in payments per year if the legislation is passed. Over 10 years, American taxpayers will have paid approximately $80 billion to migrants living in the U.S. illegally.

Illegal migrants previously received funding through the Additional Child Tax Credit, but the new version of this government handout program ensures that “the arrival of any low-income immigrant (legal or illegal) who has a U.S.-born child will have a much larger negative fiscal impact than was previously the case.”

Immigrants, both legal and illegal, are also more likely to qualify for the program and, on average, receive higher payments than U.S. citizens. According to the analysis, the average payment for illegal aliens will be $5,100 while legal migrants are set to receive an average of $4,000 and native-born U.S. citizens will get $4,600.
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