Democrats push us along the road to socialism with fake fixes based on fake facts

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  • Source: Fox News
  • 07/31/2020
As most Americans spent the weekend celebrating our exceptional nation, and those who sacrificed everything to protect its freedoms and opportunities, Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris crisscrossed the country, denouncing the very system that has given hope and opportunity to millions over the past two centuries.

Instead of embracing our free enterprise system, Democrats are pushing greater government control of our economy and our lives, complete with higher taxes and regulatory regimes that will undermine our liberty and do nothing to solve the nation’s problems.

At the same time, they ignore the tough issues, like why our public schools are such a disaster for minority kids even though we spend more per pupil than almost any other country, or why spending a trillion dollars each year on welfare and health-related benefits for low-income Americans is not moving the needle on poverty.

Democrats are not interested in reforming our schools or our welfare system. Instead, they want to convince Americans that they are victims – of greedy corporations, of racism, of sexism, and, ultimately, of an economic system that “unfairly” picks winners and losers.

It is a profound and sinister message that inevitably herds us onto the road to socialism which is, indeed, where we are heading today.
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