D.C. issues concealed carry permits — but it's not very easy to get one

Out of the 69 people who applied for concealed handgun carry permits in the District of Columbia, eight have been approved and 11 have been denied, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Although The District's previous ban on gun permits was deemed unconstitutional over the summer, applying for a permit even now is no simple task. The city council's "may issue" law requires applicants to get 18 hours of training, pay $110 worth of application fees, and prove that their need to pack heat is legitimate. Applicants then must wait 90 days for the city to review the application.

Despite denying more applicants than they've approved, the Beacon reports that the city has upped the number of certified trainers to teach the required 16 hours of classroom instruction and 2 hours of range training from one trainer to six.
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