Biden Unleashed: Geriatric President Screams and Rants Uncontrollably While Addressing Union Members

The speech took place in Philadelphia, PA, where the president traveled to address the AFL-CIO. What followed was Biden unleashed, with the geriatric screaming and ranting to the audience in an attempt to rally support headed into November’s mid-terms. At times, it was uncomfortable to watch as his age and inability to even read a teleprompter convincingly showed through.

Watching Biden flail about, all I could think about was that iconic scene from “Anchor Man.”

Apparently, Biden thinks it’s still 1975, back when he was merely a middle-aged Washington apparatchik. But the whole screaming thing went out of style about the time Howard Dean nuked his career with the now-infamous “Yahhhhhhhh” scream.

Regardless, the president’s arrogance is truly disturbing. He angrily rebukes those who question his outsized government spending, yelling that “We are changing people’s lives!”
Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
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