Barr Shreds Democrats During Hostile Questioning: Democrats Won’t Condemn ‘Mob Violence,’ ‘Attacks On Federal Courts’

Attorney General William Barr was repeatedly berated during his hearing in front of the Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday with Democratic members of the committee repeatedly cutting him off and not allowing him to answer questions.

The attacks on Barr were so hostile that even CNN made note of it, writing that that “Democrats were out for blood.”

“Democrats repeatedly cut off Barr’s responses, accused him of being wrong or lying and made clear they weren’t interested in the explanations he was offering,” CNN reported. “Barr wasn’t allowed extra time at the end of each lawmaker’s five minutes to respond to questions that witnesses typically receive — forcing Republicans to use their time to let Barr push back on the Democratic accusations.”

During the hearing, Barr specifically called out the Democratic Party for widely failing to condemn violent extremists attacking a federal courthouse in Portland amid a series of riots that have lasted over 60 consecutive days. Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler even claimed at the start of the week that the violence in Portland was “a myth.”
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