Barbie Movie Is Woke Propaganda – Doll-Smashing, Woman-Bashing, Anti-Mother, Pro-Trans Filth Aimed at Little Girls

The Barbie Movie is set to be released and the word is getting out on its vile, anti-mother, anti-woman propaganda.

The left is indoctrinating your children with their woke feminism.

Dr. Ted Baehr warned parents away from the movie in his Christian Broadcasting Network interview.

@stokeslegacy TAKE HEED AND PROTECT OUR BABIES FROM THE WILES OF THE DEVIL❗️ Ephesians 6:11 🙏 #christiantiktok #fyp #barbiemovie #christianfyp #barbie #christianparents #christianmoms ♬ original sound - Priscilla Stokes
Margot Robbie by Gage Skidmore is licensed under Creative Commons
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