Avoid The Man-Made Utopia Trap

Predictions, projections, prognostications, opinions...All of these are a dime a dozen. They're very cheap to create. It's not expensive to blurt out a prediction about the unknown future. Anyone can do it, and just about everyone does.

Here's the key -- The future is always uncertain. No human being (or human-created tool) can know all of the variables involved in our Universe. It doesn't matter how much data is collected. You can fill entire mountains with servers that are bursting with data. The data can never give a complete picture, especially about the future, because the future is always unknown.

This applies to natural phenomena, as well as to what 7+ billion free-thinking individuals will happen to value and choose at any single moment in time.

What the soothsayers tend to do when they make their grand prognostications is they take a current trend and project it outwards. Their imaginations completely ignore the infinite variables at play and changes that can suddenly reverse the trend.

Authoritarians have been doing this perhaps since the beginning of time. Their man-made utopian predictions are littered throughout history, and they continue to pollute people's minds today:

- 5 Year Plans followed by more 5 Year Plans
- Agenda 2030
- Net Zero Carbon
- The world is freezing...or maybe it's burning up...or maybe it's changing. In any case, just call it an "emergency."
- New World Order
- One World Government
- Great Reset

Notice that all of the man-made utopias are always about the future. They have to be, because they can never be realized in the present. It's extremely easy to talk about the future. Furthermore, when you own the media, it's also extremely easy to advertise it to the masses of people.

But regardless of the FUTURE, the short-term goal is always the same: More power and money to the government and its crony friends RIGHT NOW!

RIGHT NOW, you must sacrifice your freedom.
RIGHT NOW, you must pay more in taxes.
​RIGHT NOW, you must suffer a lower standard of living, while the utopians live like Pharaohs.

It's very important to keep the truth in mind. Without it, one is lost and easy prey.

First, a state of perfection in human affairs is truly impossible. Human life is about perpetual and never-ending change. Perfection, by definition, means an absence of change. For if a change were to happen to a state perfection, it would make it less-perfect.

You can't change perfection to be something more-perfect; it's already perfect! So change would have to make the perfect into something less perfect.

Hence, perfection in human affairs is out!

Human life is about change...never-ending change.

So the ultimate goals that the totalitarians are after are always impossible and something that should never be worried about. They can't become reality.

Only that which is true, is possible. Only that which is possible can happen in human affairs.

Now, that doesn't mean there is nothing to worry about, at all. No way.

While the goal of perfecting humanity and micromanaging every single change is impossible, it doesn't stop authoritarians from constantly trying to do it. They're always trying, and they always seem to have masses of supporters to cheer them on.

This certainly is something to worry about -- Not that they will ever succeed, since they can't, but because of the damage that they do to human life in trying.

Authoritarians and totalitarians have one thing in common (throughout all of history) in attempting to bring about their utopias --- Creating mass suffering and mass death.

That's a big problem.

But it can't be any other way. 

If humanity chases after truth, humanity prospers and experiences ever-increasing fulfillments of LIFE. But if humanity chases after that which is false, how can there be any other result than suffering and death?

The only way to combat this repetitive problem is through the persistent spreading of good ideas. If authoritarians and their many followers are animated by bad ideas that are false, the antidote is always good ideas that are true.

The ideas of individual liberty are the antidote. Liberty cannot (and will not) bring perfection in human affairs. 

Nothing can!

There is pain. There is error. There is ignorance. There are mistakes. These are permanent fixtures of what it means to be a human being. Nothing can eradicate these things. 

But mass suffering, and mass death at the hands of other men, can be minimized. These mistakes can be kept at bay. These are choices. 

Power must be granted. Power must be tolerated and accepted.

People always have a choice as to whether they will grant power to others, and then tolerate it.

Perhaps the most powerful word in the human language (behind the word "Love") is the word "NO."

The word "NO" is the word of liberation.

Liberation is Liberty.

Liberty solves the repetitive human problem of chasing after totalitarian utopias.

Trap by Michael Podger is licensed under Unsplash
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