A Pastor's Rebuke of Christian Quietism

Encouragement in Times of Political Anxiety

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In his “Election Day Sermon”, Pastor Gary Hamrick Cornerstone Chapel firmly reminded his flock that politics and faith have never been mutually exclusive. From the old testament prophets to Christ himself, God’s revelation to man has been directed to toward the personal salvation of individuals and to building a more Christian society. But nearly 250 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed, one political party advocates a different approach.

The Democratic Party platform claims,

“[We] celebrate America’s history of religious pluralism tolerance, and recognize the countless acts of service of our faith communities, as well as the paramount importance of maintaining the separation of church and state enshrined in our Constitution.”

“The separation of church and state enshrined in our Constitution” is a complete fabrication, Pastor Gary points out. Not only does this language not appear in Constitution or it’s amendments, but Christianity is ubiquitous in the founding and development of the United States.
To make his case, the pastor cites towering figures of the American Revolution like Reverend Peter Muhlenberg, who in 1776 told his congregation that “this is the time of war.” He then removed his black clerical robe revealing his continental army uniform, and 300 men followed him out the door of his parish to form the 8th Virginia brigade.

Others like America’s first President, George Washington, argued in his 1796 farewell address that, “Religion and morality are indispensable supports of our political prosperity.” The Christian tradition formed America’s backbone and persisted through towering figures like Martin Luther King Jr.

With righteous indignation, the pastor declares that we are at the appropriately termed “crossroads.” The Democratic Party is the party of immorality and subversion.

From his pulpit, Hamrick declared,

“Donald Trump is not our savior; Joe Biden is not our savior. Jesus Christ is our savior and because he is my savior, as for me and my house. I cannot- I will not vote for a candidate whose party platform advocates for the murder of unborn babies, embraces same-sex marriage, encourages transgender behavior, and ignores God and his word in our culture.”

His message is clear: Christians should not and must not remain silent. They are the voice of righteousness in unrighteous time. Donald J. Trump is the only candidate that supports the Christian culture and morality- It’s our duty to support him. Help us spread the word. Forward this link to your friends and family before and get them to vote. 

Election Day Sermon by N/A is licensed under screen shot YouTube

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