A Confederacy of Lies Part II – Alternative Media

If you recall, in last week’s Clews Views, we dissected the inherent, intractable, and ubiquitous mendacity of the mainstream media.

In short, they lie.

About everything.


In every way.


As you have doubtless seen and read for yourself, mainstream media “mavens” like, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Don Lemon, sweet Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Bret Baier, Joy Behar, the ever-egregious Christiane Amanpour, the pusillanimous Steve Coll, everyone at the Washington Post, and, of course, all those at the New York Times are nothing more than inveterate, habitual dissimilators.

In the words of St. John the Apostle, son of Zebedee, said of his day’s heretics: “The truth is not in them.”

Simply put: If Satan is “the father of lies,” they are, most certainly, the progeny.

So, where, then, does Diogenes lift his lamp to find the truth?

More precisely, where can you turn to find the truth – unabridged, unadorned, and unadulterated? Is there, in fact, anywhere you can go to thoroughly equip yourself with an honest accounting and a proper perspective on today’s events – their incidence and impact; their actual cause and possible (even probable) effect?

Well, as promised in last week’s column, that’s the good news.

The fact is, in the Age of the Internet – with the whole wide world literally in the palm of your hand -- you can finally, at last, cut the cable, pull the plug, shred the paper, and silence the radio –

Because, truth be told, the real fount of genuine news and unadulterated analysis now comes primarily from two easily available and entirely reliable, relatively new resources: Alternative Media and Seminal Sources.
Allow me to elucidate, beginning with the first.

Alternative Media are those online news and commentary outlets that now, thank God, increasingly populate the internet ecosphere. They are as distinct and different from the hackneyed, overblown and out-of-touch mainstream media as night is from day…

Or, perhaps, more appropriately light is from darkness.

They are not filled with razzle-dazzle graphics, a la CNN, FOX, MSNBC and the Big Three glitz and glamor, beguile and defile “news” networks. Nor do they proffer pompous shibboleths like “All the News that’s Fit to Print [Unless it Conflicts with Our Own Radical Left Bias]” (NYTimes), or “Democracy Dies in Darkness [Which is Why We Refuse to Shed the Light on Leftwing Depravity]” (WAPost).

They do not feature carefully coiffured talking heads and head cases, who spend a vastly inordinate amount of time at the beauty salon, in the tanning booth, shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, or primping in front of the make-up mirror. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the Alternative Media hosts, hostesses, anchors, editors, moderators, and commentators are far more focused on keeping you fully informed than on looking oh, so, fine and fetching.

How’s that for a highly refreshing change of pace?

But, most importantly, by far, you will find that those who deliver news and analysis in the Alternative Media simply tell you the unvarnished truth. Not being toadies for corporate sponsors, tools of the Deep State, or fellow travelers in the dominant liberal cabal, they report rather than distort, they cover rather than cover-up, and they ferret out the facts rather than mindlessly parroting the prevailing fiction.

Who are these Alternative Media rara avises who really should be your primary – if not exclusionary – sources for timely, reliable, comprehensive and legitimate news and commentary?

Here are my Top Three Alternative Media – with more to come in the months ahead:
  1.     The World TribuneThis online newspaper has for more than a decade broken more top stories, provided more salient updates, and proffered more insightful and incisive commentaries  than any other news outlet in America. The man and the mind behind the machine -- “America’s Editor,” Robert J. Morton – is a former editor of the prestigious New York Tribune and Ronald Reagan’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Times. Turn to the Trib at the top of the morning and subscribe to its superb daily newsletter.
  1.     Free Republic – There is quite simply no better source of breaking news and provocative commentary than this online aggregation and discussion forum. It is peerless. Every top news story from anywhere in the world is going to appear on the Free Republic – the moment the story breaks, often before the mainstream media is able to coalesce (and falsify) its coverage. And the commentary provided by FR’s tens of thousands of followers invariably provides insights and perspectives unavailable elsewhere in the media ecosphere.
  1.     The Duran – Alex Cristoforo and Alexander Mercouris are to vital and veritable  news and commentary what treads are to tires: you may be able to move along without them, but don’t be too certain about staying on course. They do the homework and eliminate the guesswork about what is really going on in the world around you. Their news is unfiltered and unfettered by corporate paymasters or government overseers. And their commentary is straightforward, straight from the shoulder, and straight to the heart.
  1.     Honorable Mention: Redacted.inc, with former FOX morning host Clayton Morris and his wife, Natili… Judging Freedom, with Judge Andrew Napolitano… Trends Journal, with Gerald Celente… Stay Free, with the admittedly outlandish Russell Brand… Turley Talks, with Dr. Steve Turley… and Common Sense with “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani.

How important are those Alternative Media to your being absolutely, unequivocally, always, and intrinsically in the know about what is really going on around you – up the street, across the country, and throughout the world?

Remember the old American Express tagline, “Don’t Leave Home Without It”?  Well, don’t stay home, leave home, invite others in, or trust anything you see, you hear, or you yourself are about to say without checking out these Alternative Media.

That’s how important they are to your “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness”!

Next week, in Clews Views, we are going to finish up our look at where you can “Open Your Window on the Real World” (which, actually, is the slogan of the World Tribune) with a look at my Top Three Seminal Sources. Plus, I will include some Honorable Mentions for rounding out your comprehensive knowledge of today’s news.

Briefly, Seminal Sources enable – or, perhaps, I should say empower – you to cut out the middle men, jettison the fableists and their filters, and get your news and commentary straight from the primary sources. I’ll explain more in a few days.

For now, however, the primary principle for you to keep in mind is that as of here and now, and from henceforth forevermore, you never, ever again have to rely upon the corrupt, conniving, co-opted, and carnal mainstream media for your diurnal diet of news and commentary.

Those days are over.



Washed up.

Wiped out.

You now have Alternative Media to dispatch the progeny and dispense the truth.

And for the stalwart members of the Constitutional Rights PAC Community, that truth shall set – and keep -- you free!
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