12 year old confronts school board after he was told his 'there are only 2 genders' shirt was a disruption

On April 13, a 12-year-old boy in Middleborough Massachusetts, who was allegedly sent home from school for wearing a shirt that read "there are only 2 genders," confronted his local school board and the boy defended his first amendment rights in his statement. 

The boy said that on March 21 he wore the shirt when he was taken out of gym class and told his shirt was "making some students feel unsafe." The adults allegedly told him that he would need to remove his shirt before returning to class, which he refused to do. 

His dad, who supported his son's decision to not change his shirt, was then called to come and pick the boy up.
male or female by Dainis Graveris is licensed under unsplash.com
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