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Top Conservative Gun Draws Enemy Fire
Larry Ward Responds to New York Times Attack on Constitutional Rights PAC Read More...
Jeb Bush: He's Not Just For President – He's For Hillary
Ad Highlights Jeb Bush's Public Endorsement of Hillary Clinton on the Eve of the First Anniversary of the Benghazi Terror Attack  Read More...
CRPAC Urges San Jose Police Department To Investigate Planned Parenthood-Alameda For Homicide
Constitutional Rights PAC Chairman Larry Ward today issued a statement regarding Planned Parenthood’s decision to harvest the brain of a living baby. Read More...
Lynch Vote Proves Compromise Before Constitution In U.S. Senate
Each vote in favor of Loretta Lynch was a vote against the Supreme Law of the United States. Read More...
Republicans in Congress already trying to overturn FCC’s latest votes
US Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Senator Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) today filed legislation to overturn the municipal broadband decision the Federal Communications Commission made earlier in the day. Read More...
Statement from Larry Ward on FCC Decision
Constitutional Rights PAC Chairman Larry Ward issued the following statement in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to begin regulating the Internet as a Public Utility. Read More...
Constitutional PAC: 70,000 Petitioners Oppose Title II
The Constitutional Rights PAC, which strongly opposes Title II reclassification of ISPs, says it has delivered to the FCC 70,000 petitions from folks who share its same view. Read More...
Constitutional Rights PAC Endorses Stockman for US Senate
Constitutional Rights Political Action Committee, a D.C.-based group that focuses on individual rights such as those embodied in the Second Amendment and ending the Department of Homeland Security, enthusiastically endorsed U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman against Sen. John Cornyn in the 2014 Republican primary in Texas. Read More...
Photobombed: McConnell Holds His Nose To Campaign As Conservative
This morning McConnell Instagrammed this picure in response to reports that Jesse Benton, his campaign manager said: “Between you and me, I’m sort of holdin’ my nose for two years because what we’re doing here is going to be a big benefit to Rand in ’16, so that’s my long vision...” But it appears that this isn't the first time Mitch McConnell has been caught on camera holding his nose. It seems that he holds his nose every time he campaigns as a conservative. Read More...
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