End Favoritism for the Abortion Industry

Without the late Justice Antonin Scalia, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a full hour of oral argument

Collapse of the GOP Establishment

For the past five years Americans for a Free Republic (AFR) has been working to mount an independent political challenge to the power elites of Washington

Anti-Gay Stickers At Indio High School Touch Off Debate: Hate Speech Or Free Speech?

Students displaying anti-LGBT stickers at a high school in Indio have touched off a debate: is that free speech or hate speech?

Man claiming to be Marine says Clinton tried to 'cover' up Benghazi, removed from campaign rally

A man was removed Friday by police officers from a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in South Carolina

The Constitution and the Standing Army: New at Reason

Since the beginning of the republic, nationalists have warned that because America is exceptional, it faces constant danger

Hillary Clinton Running On Gun Control, GOP Candidates Running From It

New York Times editorial board observed that while Hillary Clinton is running on gun control, the campaigns of the various GOP presidential hopefuls are running from it

Trump wants to 'open up' libel laws to sue media outlets

Donald Trump on Friday vowed to “open up” libel laws in order to sue media outlets

6 states sue Obama administration over Affordable Care Act

Six states filed a new lawsuit Wednesday against the Obama administration over the Affordable Care Act.

‘Heckuva Gaffe’: Clinton References Constitution While Talking Gun Control, Then Makes Obvious Error

Hillary Clinton confused the U.S. Constitution with the Declaration of Independence

Utah Senate votes to repeal 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Utah Senate on Wednesday called on Congress to repeal the 17th Amendment

Judge Nap on New Email Ruling: 'I Don't Know How Hillary Escapes This'

Hillary Clinton could see a subpoena coming her way after a federal court ruling related to her private email server

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