Yes, They Lied Us into War in Iraq

  • 2016-03-02
  • Nick Hankoff
Karen Kwiatkowski, retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel whose assignments included duties as a Pentagon desk officer and a variety of roles for the National Security Agency, joined the Tom Woods Show this week to talk about the lies that led to the Iraq War.

Since retiring, she has become a noted critic of the US government’s involvement in Iraq.

Kwiatkowski is primarily known for her insider essays which denounce a corrupting political influence on the course of military intelligence leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Woods and Kwiatkowski talk about whether we were lied into war or whether it was all an innocent mistake on the basis of faulty intelligence. Kwiatkowski was able to observe the formulation of the propaganda that led up to the war up close, and now, she tells us what really happened.

​​​​Here is an interesting excerpt from the interview:

“First off, a lot of the intelligence agencies were not in consensus in other countries, that’s one thing, the second thing is what we would refer to the intelligence agencies, we have this idea … that these are objective agencies that are not ruled by their politically appointed leadership. And so what we saw there, and it’s not the first time that it ever happened, of course, and not the last time. But what we saw there in 2002, 2003 was basically shaping bits and pieces of intelligence and also rumor, and propaganda, and unsubstantiated info bits, and turning that into a storyline that supported what politicians wanted to do and selling that storyline as if it were intelligence.

So it was actually a perfect thing that they did because they used the intelligence infrastructure and then they had somebody to throw under the bus later.”

Listen to the entire interview below:

For more Kwiatkowski, check out the conversation she and Dr. Ron Paul had on expanding the military draft to women.

Were we lied into war? Let us know what you think.
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