What’s the FBI Hiding With This Secret Spy Plane Program?

What’s the FBI Hiding With This Secret Spy Plane Program?
  • Tuesday, June 2, 2015
  • Nick Hankoff

”The FBI’s aviation program is not secret,” the FBI spokesman told the Associated Press which had just revealed the secret program’s existence to the public.

This “aviation program” is a secret mass surveillance program designed to skirt due process, and that’s exactly why the FBI kept and continue to keep it a secret. Want to know the FBI rules for surveillance flights? Types of equipment used, duration of use, or what rubric justifies these techniques? Too bad, because the FBI redacted all of that from its own Inspector General reports.

What we do know is that in 30 days alone, the AP found more than 100 flights by at least 50 FBI spy planes circled the skies of 30 cities in 11 states and the District of Columbia. What’s more, the spy planes were registered under 13 fake corporations created as cover for the FBI.

The planes are equipped FBI Surveillance Flightswith powerful cameras that get clear, identifying images even at night time. Stingrays are also used by the planes, tricking thousands of cell phones into giving up data and internet information. In the AP photo of an FBI spy plane, you can see the white bulbous camera hanging between the wheels.

What’s left of America when due process is shirked? Intelligence agents, law enforcers, and other bureaucrats either aren’t concerned or are very curious to find out.

How closely related is this to the Drug Enforcement Administration surveillance uncovered a couple years ago? A DEA unit called SOD for Special Operations Division partnered with the NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS, and the Department of Homeland Security to pitch them targets for search, seizure, or arrest based on illegally obtained, so-called evidence. Later, they would lie to defendants and judges with a “parallel construction” story to cover their asses.

Signatures on registration documents relating to the airplanes are inconsistent but usually spell the name Robert Lindley or in a couple cases Robert Taylor. So far it’s unclear if this is a real person or just a name used by lying FBI agents.

If the FBI is unwilling to carry out its duties in line with the Constitution, that opens up the question about what exactly they’re upholding and defending with these secret spy flights over the American people.

Nick Hankoff is a staff writer for Voices of Liberty, the Chairman of the Republican Liberty Causes of Los Angeles County, California, and a contributor to Constitutional Rights PAC.

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