Trump, GOP Press for Coalition to Pass Health Care Bill

House Republicans are pushing forward with their repeal of the Affordable Care Act, working feverishly to strike a delicate balance between moderates and conservatives to secure passage of their health-care replacement plan late next week.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced the likely vote for next Thursday, seven years to the day when President Obama signed his signature domestic legislation into law.

For Republicans in the House, the vote would cap more than half a decade of campaign promises to repeal and replace the law, though the legislation still faces skepticism and concerns from a number of GOP senators.

The wrangling by the White House and leadership on Capitol Hill has been like piecing together a member-by-member puzzle, dealing with myriad complaints on different aspects of the legislation. But a tough calculus remains heading into next week: Members on either end of the Republican ideological spectrum are still extremely concerned about the legislation, if not outright opposed to it, and any changes that assuage one group are likely to alienate another.

A number of changes have been floated to address those various concerns, but negotiations remained a work in progress as of Friday morning. The legislation is likely to be considered in the Rules Committee Wednesday, when it will be clear precisely what amendments to the bill will be allowed before it reaches the House floor as early as Thursday, according to Republican members and aides.
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