Republicans Need To Deliver Something…Soon

Whatever happens in the special runoff election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, Republicans better be paying attention. Democrats are motivated; Republicans are not. If Republicans don’t follow through on what they’ve been promising, what they’ve said for years they will deliver, they not only will lose in 2018, they will deserve it.

Democrats are fired up. Sure, it’s by hate, but the motivation doesn’t matter. Anger is usually the motivation for the party out of power, though rarely does it manifest itself in gangs of spoiled college kids attacking people and smashing things.

Still, Democrats are willing to use it, to stoke that hate, because it works.

But Republicans are mad too. The problem for the GOP is Republican and Democrat voters are mad at the same thing: Republicans. Obviously they’re mad for different reasons, but the reasons don’t matter; results do.

And the Georgia special election is showing some of those results.

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