Republicans in Wisconsin, Michigan push to curb power of newly-elected Democrats

Following bruising losses in statewide elections last month, Republicans in Wisconsin and Michigan have responded with pushes to limit the power of Democrats who won those offices, as advocacy groups threaten to block their efforts with legal action.

The legislation in Wisconsin took a significant step forward Wednesday when Republican lawmakers passed bills that effectively kneecap the state’s incoming Democratic governor and attorney general with measures that limit or eliminate their abilities to act on aspects of gun control, a lawsuit on the Affordable Care Act and various other state matters.

Republican lawmakers in Michigan are similarly attempting to shift authority from the Democrats recently elected as governor, attorney general and secretary of state, the first time the party will hold all three positions in nearly three decades.

The one-two punch is a blunt attempt by Republican lawmakers to maintain power, Democrats say.

“It’s a power grab — clear and simple,” Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) said in a telephone interview. “It’s literally going against the will of the public that voted for these officials just 30 days ago.”
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