It’s Time for Kanye and Trump

It’s time.

One of the most exciting issues candidate Donald Trump talked about while campaigning was taking on the problem of inner city crime, joblessness, and the hopeless despair associated with them both. Candidate Trump believed it didn’t have to be that way. His talk was aspirational and action-oriented. The Left, of course, heard racism and the worst kind of stereotypes.  There are multiple examples of white leftist organizations being offended on behalf of the inner cities they claim to know better than old white guy Trump. (See here, here, and here.)

As usual, the media and the Democrats they represent, are wrong. While they heard racism, normal people heard hope. Real hope — not the empty rhetoric of a smooth Democrat, Barack Obama, saying the right words but making no difference for the people he claimed to care so much about.

Donald Trump outlined his economic plan in Detroit in August of 2016 and he contrasted Democrat rule with his ideas. (Read his speech here.) It wasn’t just what he was saying, which was powerful, and as everyone can see, effective in practice, but where he was saying it. He was not giving up Detroit. This matters.

Democrats have talked a good game for decades but delivered so little to their constituents. President Obama was a pro at spouting pretty platitudes and then jetting off to Martha’s Vineyard. A good portion of the Democrat base noticed this hypocrisy, even as they said little. President Obama conceded that some things just weren’t going to get better and that practical people must just get used to it. Surrender to misery.
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