Incurable Obamacare

Democrats are addicted to Obamacare. It has performed poorly, alienated far more people than it has aided, and been a political disaster. Yet Democrats can’t shake it. In 2010, it was the issue that delivered the House to Republicans. In 2014, it gave them the Senate. In 2016, it was one of the keys to Donald Trump's capture of the White House.

After all this, a rational party would want to scrap Obamacare or modify it significantly. President Obama has tinkered but nothing more. Democrats act as if it is as essential to national wellbeing as Medicare and Social Security. It's been "a big success," House minority leader Nancy Pelosi declared last week, and there were no reports of eye rolling among her colleagues. "We [had] three goals. One was to lower cost, [an]other to improve benefits, and the third, to increase access." That sounds great, but it's only true for those who had no health insurance and now get it free (at taxpayers' expense). The rest of us pay more and our access to specific policies and doctors is limited.

Oddly enough, the premise of the Democratic effort to "rescue" Obamacare is that the health care system will stumble during the transition from the time Republicans repeal it to when they replace it. Democrats want it to be seen as Trumpcare. Republicans will "own it [and] all the problems in the health system," Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said.

The result will be national chaos, he insisted. "Because you cannot repeal a plan and put nothing in its place," he told Politico. Actually, Obamacare will still exist during the "transition" from repeal to replacement by a GOP plan. But Republicans will be in charge of it, Schumer said, "and I believe a year from now, they will regret that they came out so fast out of the box."

Schumer has been wrong before in foreseeing the future of Obamacare. Once implemented, he predicted, it would be popular. Wrong. But Obamacare's situation is different under Republicans. It's already dysfunctional. And Schumer has a point that Republicans may be in for trouble with it on their hands. He certainly hopes so.
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