A Way Out of Pendulum Politics

We live in an era of power swings in politics.

It wasn’t so long ago, just 2009, that Democrats controlled the House, the Senate, and the presidency. Then Republicans won the House (2010); then the Senate (2014); then the presidency (2016).  

With voters delivering control of the House to the Democratic Party on Tuesday, we are now swinging back in the other direction –– with little progress having been made in the interim on key issues ranging from health care to immigration. 

Democrats are euphoric. Republicans are angry. As for many of us independents – now 40 percent of the electorate –– motion sickness might best describe it.  

Putting a check on President Trump may be the only positive outcome of this election. Who believes that voters’ desire for change is satisfied by putting the speaker’s gavel back into the hands of (presumably) Nancy Pelosi? Who thinks dysfunction in D.C. will subside under divided government? How are we any closer to solutions on pressing problems?  
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