A crazed gunman nearly killed me -- Leaders must do more to keep violence out of politics

There is no place for violence in politics. Period. 

One of the greatest rights we share as Americans is our unparalleled freedom of speech and expression. As part of our democracy, the Founding Fathers ensured that our country was founded upon key principles, including the freedom of speech and expression. That right, enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution, has shaped and strengthened our democracy.

We encourage free and open debate, and we need engaged citizens. That is our responsibility as Americans.

If we do not vote and take an interest in the issues important to the future of our country, our democracy is weakened. So I am glad to see people taking such a strong interest in the future of our country; however, in this free debate of ideas, there is absolutely no place for violence or threats.No Americans should feel intimated or at risk of violence for speaking their mind, or even doing something as simple as sharing their political party affiliation. 
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